C Gallery Giving Back

C Gallery has a passion for the healing powers of art, but also wants to help others in our community through supporting local and national non-profits and charities. 

A percentage of all proceeds go to our featured charity. We donate our space for charity events.

Our featured charity now is Child Rescue. See more information below.

Child Rescue Organization


Our Mission 

Child Rescue is committed to saving children from sex trafficking and violence. We fight child exploitation through educational programming’s, law enforcement training, and undercover rescue missions. After a decade of working internally in Africa and Peru, we have become increasingly aware of this $40 Billion tragedy. 

We have identified a method to legally partner and seize assets and funds from criminal networks themselves. We are looking for partners to help us create a sustainable, repeatable socio-cultural business model within the US. A model that will launch a movement, aggressively tackling this problem on a global scale. A unified group of partners will allow us to accomplish long-term care and rehabilitation for these children. 


Protect. Nurture. Prevent. 


We are committed to saving children and saving lives. We fight child exploitation through educational programs, law enforcement trainings, and undercover rescue missions. 


History of Organization 


Child Rescue Association of North America is a non-profit organization founded 12 years ago (2007) by husband and wife, Jess and Stephanie Larsen. Stephanie belongs to a family plagued by this type of exploitation of four generations until her mom, Lorrie, bravely took a stand and stopped the cycle of abuse. 

Our goal is to emancipate children from horrors of the domestic child sex trade in the U.S. and beyond. We identify trafficking rings, fund and conduct rescue missions with a coalition of highly trained experienced partners. We develop training sessions for law enforcement agencies around the country to raise awareness of the issue and how to combat it effectively. We have trained 286 FBI and other federal agents. 

Over the past 10 years, we have developed trusting relationships with State and Federal agencies allowing us greater results. Our operators typically have backgrounds as special operations or intelligence professions or others with undercover experience and work with local law enforcement. Children are then taken to safe houses and professional aftercare facilities. We have rescued or assisted in the rescue of over 300 children and ensured safe placement and funding for aftercare. 


Tackling the Issue 


Of the almost 1,000,000 trafficked people in North America, half are estimated to be children and of those children, 80% are female between the ages 12 and 14. There are 40 million victims worldwide within human trafficking; 10 million of which are children. 10% of the children worldwide are within North America. We believe in tackling a problem from its roots. Our funding, as well as governmental and civil resources are used to seize traffickers’ money and assets. While traffickers build their network through violence, we fight back with love. Traffickers have taken humanity from children ages 2 to 18 with violence and coercion. We will revive their humanity with a social movement that simultaneously puts the criminals at risk, exposing their evil, providing a vast community of support for victims, and educating the population as a whole in order to best protect, nurture, and prevent.