Charlene Falk


Canadian multimedia artist, Charlene Falk uses abstractions of nature and women as a powerful lens for illuminating the unseen and exploring the mysterious, mystical beauty present in the world everywhere we look. Although her relationship with art began as a meditative process of self-healing and discovery, she quickly found her daily life inseparable from the creative act. This intense relationship with creation has led her to create art as a means of inspiring change and building community around causes and issues which are important to her, such as preserving the sometimes-ignored beauty of nature or celebrating the dignity and strength of women.

Making use of a variety of media, including acrylic, oil, and spray paint along with charcoal and pastel, Falk heavily layers her paintings—lending them a rugged, organic quality. This, coupled with her deft yet subtle mastery of color and light allow, her images to project a significant amount of depth and raw emotion, enveloping viewers and transporting them into Falk’s world where they are invited to gaze firsthand upon all of the brilliant subtleties that Falk, herself, celebrates.

Oil, Pastel, Spray paint, and Charcoal Artwork


Keziah Toews

 Keziah is a Canadian photographer focused on bridging the gap between the natural world and abstract photography. In her work, she focuses on texture, vivid color, patterns and ambience to build a photo that tells a story no matter how you look at it. She actively seeks out landscapes in an effort to transform them through her camera lens. Keziah looks for idiosyncrasies in her surroundings and highlights them in her work-bringing her own perceived world to life. 

Landscape and Life Photography

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